Mega Darknet

Lately, more and more people are getting to know about Mega Darknet, a dark web shop aggregator.

Today, Mega Darknet is an incredibly huge marketplace like Wildberries or Ozon, which provide trading space for many stores. Everything that was sold on the notorious Hydra is bought and sold here. Finding yourself on this miracle site is not as easy as users of ordinary sites on the "upper" Internet are used to. TOR, VPN, mirrors - this is the standard vocabulary of a MEGA DARKNET MARKET user))

The MEGA administration spends a lot of resources promoting its site and posting instructions on how to use it. Here we will tell you in detail how to enter MEGA DARKNET, how to top up your balance and make your first purchase!

Marketplace Mega darknet

Mega Darknet Market

You can buy on MEGA DARKNET everything that is on the darknet! There are thousands of active stores on MEGA MARKETPLACE, where you will find tens of thousands of various goods and services: broken VPN and Pornhub accounts, fake documents, bad SIM cards, money, information from various databases, hacking of accounts in social networks and mail to order, well, of course, a classic of the genre: marijuana in all its forms (heads, bumps, etc.), spices, salts, stamps, mushrooms, gloomy (for guys from the 90s), emki, of course, for clubbers or lovers of fucking sex, and other goods.

The prices are democratic. Everything is anonymous and at a decent level. The treasure is received as follows: choose your location, goods, replenish the balance. Further, they buy and receive in the message the coordinates with the location of the treasure and a description of the appearance of the location. After that, you have 24 hours to pick up the bookmark. After 24 hours, the transaction is automatically closed, and you can open a dispute only before the expiration of this period.
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> 31.000 items

More than 2,500 shops are hosted on the marketplace. Today, this is the most gigantic assortment among those existing on the darknet.

Technical support 24/7

Admins respond very quickly. Your question or dispute, if necessary, will be resolved with mega speed.

Website accessibility

Many servers and a distributed database hold the load and repel numerous attacks from competitors.

How to open a store on MEGA DARKNET MARKET

Opening your shop on MEGA MARKETPLACE is actually very simple, and this is a serious difference from the shop on the same Hydra. Mega has greatly simplified this process specifically to attract many players to this market, and it must be said that it really succeeded! In addition, for the same purposes, minimal commissions for shops, placing stores on the MEGA homepage and other delicious moments have been created

Instructions on how to open a shop on MEGA

Click the "Open Store" button (at the bottom of the page). Read the rules of the site, this is not the same as ticking the box as usual. I agree: for violating the rules, the store can be fined or even closed.

Before opening a shop, you will need to decide on the design: logo and product images. Among the services at Mega, by the way, there are designer services. We are not talking about employees, the distribution of roles, it goes without saying, the technical side of working through the site is considered here.

The administration of the marketplace does not interfere with the work of the store, and allows the owner to steer at his own discretion. He has the right to assign bonuses, bonuses, offer promotions and discounts and promotional codes for the next purchase. When registering a store, you must make a payment (once a month) in the amount of 10k rubles. This is nothing compared to the Hydra again.

A fee will be charged from each financial transaction, it is not fixed and may vary depending on the particular product or service. From the sale of marijuana, this is, for example, 3%. The commission can be paid in one big payment and so the percentage will be lower.

Any questions and problems are solved through the support of the Mega platform.

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How to get the status of a trusted store?

Shops don't have "Reliable" status by default! You understand, for the convenience of users and to create a healthy competitive environment, the marketplace highlights the best stores. To qualify for this status, the following conditions must be met:

Sales volume

The store must sell more than 3.000 per month


The shop must rent space on the front page

High rating on Mega Darknet

Rating with 1000 sales must be at least 4.9

High level of service

You can not violate the rules of the site + a minimum of disputes

What are the bonuses of a shop with a Trusted status?

Reduced Mega Darknet Costs

Lower fees compared to the default level

Fast work on Mega Darknet

Quick support from moderators

High status on Mega Darknet

Seven years work for authority, and then authority will work for you for seven years

Mega Darknet Registration

Registration on Mega Darknet

The first step is to complete the captcha. There is not one captcha on Mega, there are two of them, to increase the security and stability of the site.

Next, create a username and password. No mail, etc. is required, respectively, if you forget your password, it will not work, take this moment seriously, write it down or remember it.

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the Mega site, they must be followed by both buyers and sellers. We do not recommend breaking them, but if it suddenly happens, you will at least know what you are breaking :)

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Mega Darknet website

link mega darknet

There is no need to remember or write down the link to Mega, since there is a redirect to Mega's working mirror on the mega-sb.me and mega-com.store services

mega market link

Sales channels work 24/7 in the onion zone. But just in case, we advise you to subscribe to our channel in the telegram.

mega darknet site

Recently, exchangers with a low commission have been created, as well as multi-currency settlement in the crypt: BTC and XMR

mega darknet market

It has never been easier to set up your dark web shop! On the MEGA MARKET site for 10k per month you have such an opportunity.

Mega darknet market link

mega onion

  • 390% growth compared to 2021
  • Serious casting of employees
  • 24/7 Support
  • Hundreds of employees

mega site darknet link

  • Easy to remember mega-sb.me
  • Small fees
  • Quality control
  • Win-win for everyone

mega darknet mirrors

  • Website available 24/7
  • User friendly design
  • Wide geography
  • Favorable exchangers

How to fund an account on Mega Market

There are several types of cryptocurrencies for settlements on the Mega Market website. Let's talk more about each.

BTC is a classic, the most famous crypto with its pluses and minuses. A significant disadvantage is the high transaction fee. Plus - it is available in all online wallets and exchanges.

Monero is highly secure as the wallet address is always new and thus the user cannot be identified. Plus XMR - low transaction fees. The downside is that there is one in all wallets.

The main way to replenish the balance is to transfer crypto to the addresses indicated at: ... Crypto can be transferred to these addresses from anywhere: from your crypto wallets, exchanges, through third-party exchangers

To replenish the account, you can use the internal exchanger, in this case, you need to specify the type of crypt, the amount and transfer funds to the specified details after creating the application. After confirming the payment, the crypt will be on your account.

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What else you need to know about Mega

This marketplace was created in parallel with Hydra, but its monopoly on the market overshadowed all other players, it already happened - the darknet has its own development laws, this is not crystal clear capitalism according to Adam Smith. But when, in April 2022, Hydra was unexpectedly closed by cops from several countries, various players quickly pulled up to the holy place. There was confusion for several months and a new market gradually emerged.

At first, three marketplaces competed for the palm. But Mega soon overtook them and became megapopular. The reason for this is a high degree of security, powerful protection against DDOS attacks and an effective feedback system on the site.

Go to the MEGA MARKET website when it is not available

After the well-known popularity of MEGA, in 2022, DDOS attacks on the site began from competitors and, possibly, law enforcement agencies. For some time, the site began to what is called "go to bed", i.e. became unavailable or very slow. By the way, who remembers - Hydra often had the same thing in some periods of time.

The developers found a solution and generated many mirrors, several dozen, and for some time this became the solution to the problem of inaccessibility. At the same time, the site mega-sb.me was created, which automatically selected the most available mirror at the moment.

Later, attacks began to be made on this site, and another similar one was created: mega-sb.store, a complete copy of the previous one.

Now MEGA DARKNET protects its site in a slightly different way: one main mirror, several auxiliary ones and a distributed database with a whole network of powerful servers. At the same time, the MEGA STORE and MEGA SB services continue their work: they are very convenient in terms of the fact that you only need to remember the short link mega-sb.me (or mega-sb.store), go to them in the TOR browser and the system itself redirects you to a working main site mirror

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